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Camping and Visiting Rainbow Springs State Park

Rainbow springs is a gorgeous state park on the western side of the Florida peninsula. It first caught my eye when I was browsing state parks in Florida that would be a good weekend camping trip. The crystal clear blue water surrounded by mossy live oaks and palmetto trees looked unreal. When I saw an opening on a Friday this spring I jumped on … Read More Camping and Visiting Rainbow Springs State Park


Best Ways to Get Around in Lisbon Portugal

A guide to the best ways to get around in Lisbon, Portugal. Transportation options, and prices.


The 15 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Charleston

The most romantic places to get engaged in Charleston South Carolina.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This blog is here as a guide for anyone who loves to do travel research as much as I do. Over the years I have planned some pretty amazing trips for me, my friends, and family. I spend months researching each place I go and compact it down into guides and itineraries to use while travelling. I want to share … Read More The Journey Begins