Charleston is my hometown, and I have so much love for my city! In my opinion Charleston is the most romantic town in the South and quite possibly the whole country! Celebrities who could afford to get married anywhere in the world choose Charleston! Its also one of the top wedding destinations in the United States. It’s not just for weddings though! Charleston makes an amazing backdrop for getting engaged! If you are considering popping the question, then here are my top locations in the city.

Waterfront Park

This park is has the best options for night time engagements. There are swings, a dock, secluded benches, and of course the fountains. With the fountains illuminated at night it makes an incredible background. The pineapple fountain as a symbol of the city so why not make it a symbol of your love too!

The Battery / White point Garden

While cannons may not be romantic the view from the Battery cannot be beat! Have a picnic here and pop the question overlooking the river or take a stroll and ask in the gazebo under the oaks. Either option would be wonderful. This park is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and historic homes in the city. You could’nt ask for a more “Charleston experience “.

Champagne on the Marsh. Photo credit to Kristina Phipps.

A Harbor Sunset Cruise

If you can spring for it this option is an amazing choice! We get epic sunsets here like crazy amounts of color. Imagine that as your backdrop as you ask for their hand. Champagne and chocolate strawberries go along way too! You can charter a sailboat or a cabin cruiser for this one. If you are low on cash there are public harbor cruises you can go on. You could always have a friend with a nicer boat take you out, and have them do you a favor. Just be sure to invite that friend to the wedding!

Private Carriage Ride

Yes carriage rides are a little cheesy BUT it is still what little girls dream of! If your significant other loves horses or thinks of themselves as a princess they’ll love this! Seriously it’s very romantic when you’re cuddled up in the carriage watching the city go by.

Pitt Street Bridge

This is a bit of an odd ball but it has a beautiful view. In Old Village Mt Pleasant overlooking Sullivan’s island this historic bridge turned park has the marsh on both sides lined with palmetto trees. Take them for a walk and have your photographer waiting. They will get some amazing shots of you when you get down on one knee.

Middleton Place in the spring. Photo credit to Kristina Phipps.

Middleton Place

The grounds of Middleton Place are my favorite of all the plantations in the area. The have gorgeous river views and when the azaleas are in bloom…. there is nothing prettier! The bushes around the pond will be glowing pink. There are tons of beautiful buildings, paths and areas to choose from. There are wine walks in the spring too so you could start with that and then sneak off to present your ring after you have some liquid courage. This would be a great place to have a photographer following you around without being noticeable.

Magnolia Plantation

This is my winter pick. In the winter the gardens of Magnolia Plantation come alive. They have one of the largest collections of camillias in the country! There are thousands of varieties all in bloom all winter. In the spring the azaleas are in full bloom. You can see them all around the property and the most stunning locations would be along the oak alley and near the foot bridges. This is a popular location for engagement photos for a reason!

Horseback Riding on the Beach

My suggestion is stay out in the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island. I highly recommend their Sunday brunch at the Jasmine Porch. After brunch head over to Seabrook Island Equestrian Center for a private ride on the beach. If they love horses this is the ultimate romantic gesture. The horses on Seabrook are well trained and are great for beginners. The view alone will make them say YES!

Morris Island Lighthouse

Folly beach is known for being the fun beach. Typically it’s crowded and boisterous but there are pockets of serenity. If you go past the washout all the way down through the park you can get the best views of Morris Island Lighthouse from Folly Beach. This secluded area must be walked to. It is a lovely spot to see dolphins as well. If they love the beach this would be my suggestion.

Morris Island Lighthouse from Folly Beach. Photo Credit to Kristina Phipps.

Wentworth Mansion

Built in 1886 this glorious inn is the symbol of Charleston’s gilded age. It’s lavish decor of the Wentworth Mansion are ridiculously romantic. A stay here is often something people donon their honeymoon but it would be a wonderful choice for an engagement. They have a lovely restaurant on site and a garden out back. It is located close to Colonial Lake which is a great place to take your love on a stroll since it was revamped last year.

Pounce Cat Cafe

If you both love cats this may be the place for you. This cafe is really awesome! They have the sweetest rescue kitties. They have a bar with wine and beer, cold brew coffee on tap, and hot drinks. The people who work here are more than willing to help you out with a proposal. They even offer romance packages during Valentine’s day. It would be something creative for a pair of true animal lovers!

Cypress Gardens

Cypress gardens in Monks Corner took a serious hit recently, but they are supposed to reopen in April of this year (2019). This area is so beautiful that scenes from The Notebook were filmed amongst their bald cypress trees. A boat ride along the trees and under the bridges would be an excellent place to pop the question. The grounds also have animals, and a butterfly house so you have quite a few options!

Cypress Gardens in Monks Corner South Carolina

Angel Oak

There aren’t many trees in the world more iconic or impressive that Angel Oak in Johns Island. Asking someone to marry you under the boughs of a five hundred year old oak tree would be a testament to your lasting love. Just make sure you go when it isn’t too busy otherwise you might have kids running around as you ask and that could take away from the experience. The area around the tree isn’t that spacious.

Angel Oak photo credit to Kristina Phipps

A Rooftop Restaurant or Bar

My suggestion for one of the best hotel rooftops in Charleston is at The Dewberry on Marion Square. You can only go to the roof if you are a guest or if you get a pass. Since it is more exclusive you won’t have a bunch of drunk partiers nearby when you ask. It has sweeping views of Marion Square and Meeting Street. Two more options would be Pavilion Rooftop Bar or The Rooftop at Vendue. Both have wonderful views as well they just tend to be more crowded.

Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s is probably the top beach in Charleston. It has wide stretches of sand and is more quiet than some of the others. Going on a sunset stroll and popping the question in front of the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse would make some stunning photos! Plus coming back every year for vacation here would make it even more special.

These are my top choices in no particular order. Charleston is full of incredible sights. Even if you choose a random alley downtown it will look amazing. Just choose what sounds most like the person you’re proposing to would choose and you’ll be golden. I wish you the very best luck with your engagement!

7 Comments on “The 15 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Charleston

  1. Wow what a beautiful write up on Charleston! I am from Charleston SC too and I agree these would all be wonderful places for a proposal! My favorite would definitely be Middleton Place. That picture of the azaleas is amazing!


  2. What a great blog about proposal locations in Charleston! It’s a great blog with location tips for photographers and couples alike. So many romantic spots, I need to go back for a visit soon!


  3. What a great guide. You did great location scouting for any guy hoping to propose in charleston!


  4. Such great options for engagement sessions or proposals in Charleston! If anyone is looking for locations in Charleston this is such a great guide for photographers or couples!


  5. What an inspiring list for anyone wanting to propose! Especially if they are about to get engaged in Charleston, but I am guessing this advice blog will help many surrounding areas spark ideas to achieve a unique proposal. Great thoughts!


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