You’ve finally made it to the Havasupai Indian Reservation for an epic adventure, and you want the best pictures to show your friends back home. Where do you go to get those Instagram worthy shots of a lifetime? I have compiled a list of the most scenic areas to take pictures at near Havasu Falls. These locations are listed in the order you will come across them.

Trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop

1. Near the Sign at the Trailhead. This location makes some of the best before and after shots you will get on your hike. Be sure to get a group photo if you are hiking with multiple people.

Rock Formations along Havasu Canyon Trail

2. In the amazing nooks and crannies along the trail on the way to Supai. You can get some amazing shots of the rock formations here with or without you in it! Get creative with the poses if you do decide to step into one of the alcoves.

Flowers near Supai Village

3. The grove area just past the sign to Supai. This is the first place you’ll see the Havasu creek. Depending on the time of the year there may be a field of wild flowers growing amongst the trees.

Stone House Supai, Arizona

4. The abandoned stone house just after the foot bridge before Supai Village. Don’t disturb the stones or the structure but it would make a really cool backdrop.

5. The area near Fifty Foot Falls. It can be a little crowded due to the other hikers stopping here to swim and take a break but from a distance you can get some great shots.

The first glance at Havasu Falls

6. The first place you see Havasu Falls. It is up on a ridge and you can sit and pose on boulders along the path. You will be smiling like crazy so this will be one of the most natural photos you’ll take all day. Your hard work has paid off with this view. Pro tip: make sure you take off your pack if you want to take a picture of yourself sitting. The waist strap makes some unflattering belly bulges.

Havasu Falls

7. The area in front of Havasu falls with picnic tables. This has some really great angles of the falls and the people below trying to swim.

At the base of Havasu Falls playing around credit to my cousin Kristina. For tons of hiking and outdoor shots follow her on Instagram @Kristina_explores

8. The base of Havasu falls. Yes another one of the same waterfall, but it’s the most famous for a reason. Don’t go for the typical poses. Get creative with intersecting the waterfall with your pose.

Havasupai Campground

9. The areas around camp. There are incredible shots of the Havasu Creek throughout the campground. It all looks like a fairy glen. I took more photos here than anywhere else on the reservation.

10. The top of Mooney Falls while facing the waterfall. The best shot is up at the top before your decent. Your camera will stay dry up here unlike in our next spot.

11. The base of Mooney Falls. There are some logs to stand on and take some really cool photos, but be aware that the mist from the falls will get your lense wet so be quick. This is also a good place to find other people to take a group photo.

12. Turn around when you are at the base of Mooney and you will see two golden opportunity shots. The first is the old helicopter stretcher/ basket. This actually makes some funny pictures if you’re in the mood after that scary climb down. The second opportunity is the continuation of the creek making some beautiful areas around the trees. You will spot a lot of really pretty areas along the creek as you make your way to Beaver Falls.

The Jungle Havasu Canyon

13. The Jungle. You’ll know it when you see it. This place is just a valley filled with wild grapevines. It looks straight out of Jerassic Park.

14. A smaller waterfall on the way to Beaver Falls with a Rope Swing. If you want some great action shots or just a few timelapse shots with no people hanging around this is a great place for it.

The only palm in Havasu Canyon

15. The only palm tree in the canyon. Looking for some tropical vibes? This is the best place for them!

Beaver Falls overlook

16. The overlook over Beaver Falls. This is right before you head down the ladder to get to the falls. The best shots are taken near the picnic table. Down by the falls it can get crowded and the light isn’t as good.

17. The confluence of the Colorado River. I didn’t make it this far but I have seen some pictures. You won’t have nearly as many people hanging around since it is such a hike.

18. Your last photo after getting back to the Hilltop. After all your hard work you will be exhausted but that after photo is priceless even if it is only for you.

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